Brand Workflow 



A solid base

The system that stores your brand assets and manages the processes that support them is an essential component of the Brand Centre. Full control can be exercised over individual files or groups of assets, with easily administrated ordering and approval functions to ensure master materials are always in the right hands.


Adaptations on the record

Often your team will need to make a quick adaptation to an asset - a resize, a crop or a simple pre-production colour task. Create Your Own provides the tools to do this, within guidelines, on the Brand Centre. The result is fast and accurate for the end-user, enables an approval loop if required and, most importantly, keeps a record of the adaptation for reuse or audit purposes.


Always on task everywhere

Configuring and managing campaigns with the Brand Centre is simple but rigorous, leaving your time and attention free to concentrate on the work. But at the same time you can rest assured that the right people know what they have to do and by when to ensure you have a project delivered to brief, on time and on budget.


Create then collaborate

The people you involve in brand projects will cross departments, businesses and borders. Getting the whole team together is likely to be a rarity, but with our Annotator, the benefits of the widest collaboration are at your fingertips and on the record, with full mark up, note sharing and task assignment capabilities.


One system to delivery

With its studio management feature, the Brand Centre solves the common problem of multi-system / supplier overlap and waste. Keep control of finished executions and flexibility in supplier choice while tracking your assets through the entire development and production process. Integrate fully with industry standard job-bagging, scheduling, budgeting, output and analysis requirements.


The Brand Centre distributes your best work across all your locations and teams from one central marketing hub.