Balancing consistency in communication with the requirements of local markets is an opportunity to gain a competitive edge - or to face significant risks. 

Artwork Automation Highlights

  • Rules-based templates enable adaptation to be as flexible or as controlled as conditions require
  • Precise graphical interface shows an exact representation of changes
  • Resizing algorithm driven by media output sizing preserves page geometry
  • Integrated approval system



The artwork automation process begins with the configuration of templates that allow exactly the amount of customisation required for individual adaptations. Their flexible geometry allows a wide range of page sizes and compositions to be created while observing all the layout rules both of the brand and the output publication.

The interface for creating adaptations is clear and intuitive, offering an exact on-screen representation of the file as it will finally appear. It is integrated with the Brand Centre libraries, enabling the central control of available materials as well as the capability to store and distribute adaptations for re-use as required. Output in publication ready formats is standard.

Any concerns with consistency of output or varying requirements for regulatory compliance from market to market can be quickly addressed with a simple and powerful approval process. Quickly configurable to reflect the sign-off workflow in your organsation, Artwork Automation approvals record a fully auditable chain of custody for every piece of adapted artwork.