The Brand Centre solution will strengthen your brand and deliver an ROI

Many brand activities are intangible and therefore it's difficult to apply numeric measures, such as improving brand knowledge, brand engagement, increase quality and consistency in brand application and better alignment to process, or just overall brand governance.

By deploying a brand management system such as the Brand Centre solution a positive impact on these activities and more are undoubtedly achieved. A few examples of easily measurable ROI's that the Brand Centre® solution generates:

  • Having a central repository enables rapid retrieval of content
  • Eases management of multiple versions and usage rights
  • Speeds up repeated activities and helps avoid redundancy and re-creation of content

Industry analysts estimate that up to 30% of all content is recreated because it is lost or mismanaged. Avoiding such costs by having a well-managed Brand Centre solution is one of the immediate sources of ROI. Below are proven examples of time and resource savings that a Brand Asset Management system attributes to an organisation, measured and published by GISTS:

  • Locating a source file: 15 minutes down to 1.5 minutes
  • Retrieving a file: 10 minutes down to 1 minute
  • Rendering a file: 35 minutes down to 1 minute

Brand Centres do not simply transfer data from the brand identity onto a brand site; each section of the Brand Centre is tailored to provide that optimal user experience. Adgistics understands the importance of branding and makes sure intuitive navigation and smart search engines assist users to locate what they need, smoothly and efficiently. Brand Centres do not just store files- they are sophisticated and highly advanced educational tools, inspiring and educating the staff, helping to create a culture of brand champions.

Actual client examples of how the Brand Centre solution reduces time to market and increases speed of response

  • Goodyear Dunlop utilises their Brand Centre solution with our brochure translation application to reduce lead times in trans-creation from 4-6 weeks to just a few days.
  • Network Rail use their Brand Centre solution to create tactical on-brand communications in seconds, improving both their communications consistency and speed of response.
  • The Eurostar Brand Centre solution utilises the Artwork Automation module to create automated pre-approved templates for several forms of communication so that station staff can easily create on-brand materials in a matter of minutes.