The Brand Centre offers priorities in Brand Operation

Adgistics proven Brand Centre® software solutions significantly improve the processes of brand management and the working experience of brand managers.

What does it take to successfully operate a brand?

There are several components that need to be in place to successfully build and operate your brand. With the support of a fully configured Brand Centre solution you have a complete overview of your brand activities, spending’s, collateral, assets, timeframes and workflow. Any well organised Brand Managers wet dream.

The Adgistics Brand Centre

Brand Centres are flexible in size and structure, mirroring client brand appearance and behaviour – minimising or removing the need for training and/or extensive implementation consultancy. The basic functionality of a Brand Centre unites brand assets of any kind (from logos to governance protocols, product development and human resources) with the rules for their proper deployment in the business. The Brand Centre can be further enhanced to target efficiency and effectiveness in various activition scenarios to create a measurable profit centre around brand activities.

Our Brand Centre solution covers the breadth of the Brand Value Management supply chain – a demonstrable process pathway that unites high-level business strategy with its activation and implementation, through to ‘last mile’ production, delivery and impact measurement. But don’t take our word for it, download our case studies and find out what our clients think of the solution.