Marketing Asset Management System for Retailers

The retail industry is fiercely competitive at the local, national and global level, for this reason retailers are trying to stay ahead of competition by  engaging with constant advertising, discounting, seasonal promotions, merchandising and in store communications.

However, it can be challenging to manage the development and timely distributions of all marketing communication activities. Incorporating our effective marketing asset management system, retailers can create and publish the rich and engaging content that today’s consumers are increasingly demanding. Through various Brand Centre® tools, retailers can create communications that reflect their brand value and identity consistently.

Create Marketing Materials:

Retailers can easily create marketing materials with the Artwork automation feature, this will improve the process for brand professionals and designers. Templates can be pre-defined with all the core branded assets, as a result users can quickly update them with content while still being on brand. Once approved through the system, retailers can manage and re-purpose these assets for distribution across print, web and retail displays.  This will ensure you to be confident that all approved marketing material adhere to the brand guidelines, creating a customer experience that is consistent across all touch points.

Managing Marketing Campaigns:

By integrating campaign management tools with our intelligent MAM software, marketing teams can efficiently plan, monitor and execute successful campaigns. This tool will support all parties involved, enable in-depth planning and real-time overview of all projects. Overall, making these activities  less challenging and much more manageable.

Building a consistent brand is essential in upholding  a credible reputation. Therefore, by implementing a Marketing Asset Management system, retailers can avoid publishing outdated, unapproved and off-brand marketing materials.  Retailers can  stay ahead of competition as a MAM software  will enable you to cut marketing operational costs and instead effectively create more far-reaching, targeted communications, ensuring your retail brand is represented at its best!