Creative approval process - how to make it as painless as possible!

With instant access to emails it is no wonder that many businesses do not have a clear, well managed creative review process. Sending an asset to a brand manager for approval can often appear much simpler in the short run but a year down the line, finding that email, or the assets for that matter, is like finding a needle in a haystack. Once more, you might have had twenty emails back and forth to different parties, making the feedback disjointed and unclear. The first version of the asset will have been lost in an email trail making it hard to compare to the final asset or provide transparency on what actual work has been completed.

Collaboration & Learning

A creative approval tool offers a real-time collaborative review of multi-media assets, enabling teams to gain insight from the feedback of others. Teams globally can learn from each other in an intuitive interface, while providing understanding into brand operations. While there may be a whole team assigned to put the final touches on the last sequence of an advert or retouch the sky on an image, the creative cannot be approved for use if it is not aligned to the brand. An innovative approver tool, available through the Brand Centre® solution means that many individuals and teams can be assigned to one asset, with varying levels of approver. A master approver can be allocated in order to have final say on the approval of an asset, perhaps rejecting the asset if not on brand. With a central place for the process, it means that all parties are aware of progress on the creation of an asset.


Transparency across the whole process, from creation through to approval can be monitored, with comments and annotations readily available. With one central system, brand teams have assurance that all feedback, approvals and versions are stored securely with no need to troll through thousands of emails and assets, looking for the correct one. A PDF of all comments can be downloaded, enabling teams to print copies for work offline. An audit system keeps a track of any approvals, so there is a clear reference of approval history with date and time stamp.

Locating assets

Combining a DAM system with a creative approval process means that once an asset is approved it can be published to the DAM library. Here, keywords can be applied to the asset so that others can easily locate the creative and it can start being used by other professionals. An effective versioning feature means that admins have the ability of downloading previous versions, even though a standard user will only see the finished and approved creative.

Updating the creative operations process to a central, dynamic system means that the whole team involved in the creation of an asset have visibility over every step of development.  In the long run this improves efficiency across the whole creative operations process, meaning production is more cost and time effective and the standard of work can be increased.