How to effectively communicate brand activity with a showcase player

Sharing brand activity internally can often result in lengthy presentations or dull newsletters and bulletins. While branded templates provide a clear structure for consistent communications, they can become repetitive if they are not adapted to target specific audiences. Creativity is limited and communications can be missed if they are not engaging enough. When integrated into efficient brand asset management software, organisations have the tools to effectively communicate brand activity with a showcase player. With assets already stored in a secure infrastructure, brand professionals can easily select a number of them to start creating their very own showcase. From PDFs, to images and videos, files can be collected in one place to create a number of different communications.

The showcase can be customised with descriptions and commentary before the assets are automatically populated into a collection for people to browse through. With a sleek and intuitive interface, the showcase player is responsive and compatible with various mobile formats and iPads.

The showcase player can facilitate many different activities, while all being in a consistent interface, with brand fonts, logos and colour schemes. Below are just a few of the things the player can used for:

Best practice

By sharing any assets or files within a branded interface promotes a consistent brand and demonstrates best practices for others to adopt.

Sharing initial project ideas

Initial ideas from previous campaigns stored on a DAM solution, or uploading new images that could inspire a new advert can all be gathered into the player to easily share and distribute within the team.

Internal awards

Collections of campaigns and submissions can be organised in one single showcase to present candidates work and share to judges.

Newsletters and key content updates distribution

A mixture of newsletters, bulletins and images with all the recent news happening within an organisation can provide a more engaging way to learn of brand activity.

Key shareholder documentation

Displaying key facts, figures and other information can be made more appealing with a captivating interface.

Cross market advertising for distribution summaries

A unique URL is created for every new showcase, allowing appropriate users to share showcases globally. Campaigns, adverts and brand activity can be highlighted within the showcase to engage people in the brand and promote brand champions.