How demonstrating brand purpose and CSR can increase financial benefits

In a recent report produced by Radley Yeldar, brand purpose was assessed using a number of different criteria, looking at external communications. From the Financial Times 500, combined with the FTSE Eurofirst 100, an index of 100 companies were identified.

Actions speak louder than words

The Fit for Purpose 2015 report highlights that the role of the corporate brand has shifted over the past decade. Three main forces have influenced this change, with the first being the transformation of a technology culture. With everyone being online, the opportunity to get a brand message across and get noticed has become far more difficult. Increasingly savvy consumers demand new levels of transparency

Brand purpose is not just about a mission statement or set of values, it involves the behaviours and intentions executed to reinforce the message. To embed the brand purpose, organisations can turn words into tangible action through websites, case studies and clearly aligned sustainability strategies. If done well, consumers will support the purpose, ultimately driving business success and profitability.

Unilever, who are listed as number one on the index, address issues affecting society and individuals, demonstrating purpose through communications. In a statement from Unilever chief marketing and communications officer Keith Weed, “Sustainability is all encompassing at Unilever and it bridges between environmental and social sustainability, to enable people to live sustainably and businesses to operate sustainably.”

While there is doubt over the financial rewards from corporate social responsibility, Unilever have demonstrated their approach has benefited their growth. Weed comments “we outpaced the global average with a 10% increase in sales for those communicating on sustainability, according to Nielsen”.

We are delighted that six Adgistics clients have appeared in the brand purpose index. They continue to benefit from our brand value management solutions to strengthen the brand and provide the necessary brand management tools. Read our brand asset management case studies to find out more.