4 steps to galvanize your team to be fully engaged with your Digital Asset Management system

The key to ensuring user engagement is to make the Digital Asset Management system the central point for all branding material and marketing activities. This will ensure that users frequently engaged with the system and therefore it will be widely adopted. HR, Account Management, IT and Sales might not be directly accountable for the brand message, However, they do need to make sure that they are on-brand and by making all your brand asset available in an easily accessible Digital Asset Management system the collaborative outcome would enhance the brand equity.

We work with some of the world’s leading brands and have put together four steps aimed to fully engage the team with the Digital Asset Management system.

4 steps to a fully engaged Digital Asset Management system:

  • Securely hosted solution – Your Brand Centre is a centralised solution where team members from various different departments log-in and gain access to brand assets. This central solution casts a secure net across all departments within the business and ensures that your branded assets can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Look and feel – The environment within your Digital Asset Management system should be fully on-brand as well as all the assets within the system. This will evoke strong associations and representations of the brand. From the instant you log-on to the Brand Centre, you are immersed in the brand. This will further enforce the brand promise and values ultimately leading to the team having a better understanding and an emotional connection to the brand.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) – Through this clever piece of technology, users are able to log-on to the Brand Centre automatically by clicking a specific link. Most businesses have an ‘Intranet’ system implemented, in which the Digital Asset Management is easily accessible through. Users will feel fully supported, motivated and encouraged to use it, as the single sign-on is extremely accessible and user-friendly.
  • 24/7 on-brand training – New users might not have had enough time or training to learn all functionalities of the Brand Centre, so make sure that user guidelines are online and easy to find. Create short video tutorials or PDFs that visually represent step-by-step processes such as downloading a high-resolution asset or translating POS material into Arabic. Easily accessible user information will support users in their time of need and safeguard that they will not give up on using the system if there is something that they don’t know or understand.

Our Brand Centre solution provides the core functionality of a DAM solution with a laser focus on design, look and feel and UI/UX. The Brand Centre enables you to build a fully-fledged brand community around your brand assets, and overall strengthens your brand core ethos.

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