Drop the free sharing and storage tools and upgrade to a Digital Asset Management System!

In the past, the main way of “sharing” marketing materials was to email it, currently, when it comes to sharing and storing marketing assets, many organisations use the most commonly file-sharing and storage services such as Dropbox, Wetransfer, cloud accounts.

It’s evident, file sharing is growing in popularity as a productive and efficient way for users to exchange or share documents. Although these file sharing and storage tools may be free and easy-to-use, it is more effective for personal usage and not the best option for business use! This is due to high concerns around security.

if your company produces volumes of marketing content and delivers it to different audiences across different channels, it might be time that you made changes and considered implementing a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system; a more effective solution for marketing teams to easily manage, search, upload and share all marketing materials. All your images, videos, music, logos, presentations and PDF files are stored in one central location, accessible to your colleagues around the world at any time of day (or night). Any new campaigns or promotions can be instantly downloaded for use locally meaning there is no delay in communication. A big advantage of a Digital Asset Management system in comparison to Dropbox or WeTransfer is that you can use one tool to cover all administrative activities concerning digital media.

With a flexible and intelligent technology our Brand Centre® adapts to the way you work and maximises the potential of your brand. The Brand Centre® will ensure the value of your brand grows because the promise it embodies is consistently kept, both inside and outside your business. By demonstrating, sharing and celebrating your brand values internally through the Brand Centre environment, we have experienced the development of a culture of best practice in brand application, and the transformation of employees into brand ambassadors. So drop the free, unsecured consumer tools and step up your game and upgrade to Digital Asset Management System!