View our simple introduction and explanation of the sub-categories within Digital Asset Management

A common problem for many brands: you can’t find some of your old artwork? Who knows where it is? Some of it is on your old computer, some is stored on drives, some assets are with IT and some seem to unfortunately be lost. When organisations are faced with challenges to protect and grow their brands, the discussion usually leads down the path to Digital Asset Management (DAM), Brand Asset Management (BAM) and Marketing Asset Management (MAM). What does it all mean? What do these acronyms do and how are they different from each other?

In our simple and easy to understand presentation, we’ve isolated three popular asset management platforms (DAM, BAM and MAM) and given a snapshot explanation for them.

This will hopefully prove helpful in answering some of your questions when deciding on the most appropriate platforms that can help you achieve your strategic brand vision.

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