Why Help Desk and Client Support are like Toy Story

When launching a new Brand Asset Management or Digital Asset Management system it's tempting to cut corners and ignore the Help Desk/Client Support resource available. When marketers are in need of urgent assistance, where will they turn to? Ideally, your solutions partner will have a support team who is available instantly to provide assistance for marketers & brand managers in their daily Brand Asset Management challenges. The theme song 'You've Got a Friend in Me' from Toy Story illustrates the importance of this partnership. The support team/help desk embodies those 'Friend in me' values for brand managers and marketers alike.

Launching a new Brand Asset Management system without any support is a high-risk strategy. At launch and post launch, the brand team will encounter a variety of challenges, which will require further help. The contribution of the support team/help desk will make the difference between success and failure. Whether you create a team in-house or use your software supplier to provide support, their role is to provide friendly advice to resolve your challenges.

Here are 6 possible challenges that a brand team might encounter:

  1. User Management:

    A brand manager needs to grant access to a 3rd party user regarding creative work and approval but needs certain limitation on the account.

  2. Tech Enquiries:

    An admin user cannot access permissioned files when they have browser related issues. Having a help desk solves this niggle.

  3. Asset management:

    Hundreds, if not thousands of assets get sourced, uploaded, tagged, downloaded, created and approved on a regular cycle. Sometimes the most efficient marketing professionals simply forget where an asset is stored. Have a client support team to relocate it for you.

  4. Training material:

    There has been a new functionality added to the system but the brand team need more information. Having bespoke training materials such as video user guides, can solve this.

  5. Global helpdesk:

    The brand team require an urgent updated user guide but the email system is down that day, typical! Solve it by arranging a quick WebEx session.

  6. Metric Reports:

    In the monthly marketing status report, some key metrics are missing. Urgently get hold of help desk and receive key data such as most downloaded assets & unique daily logins.

If you're not familiar with the Randy Newman's theme song from Toy Story, have another listen. There are a few lyrics that resonate:

  • "When the road looks rough ahead" - There is so much to do. The assets to migrate, the teams to train, end users to assist. With the support team, these problems are manageable because they've seen it all before and done it all before.
  • "You just remember what your old pal said"- The support team will help users get the best out of the system. The notes that have been jotted, scribbled, doodled down while using the system can be solved by the support team.
  • "We stick together and can see it through"- Whenever a technical problem arises or some assets have been accidentally permissioned to the wrong person, the support team will be able to help you out.

The moral of this story is that, when a brand team needs a helping hand or pointing in the right direction, it's always worth having a client support team available to solve any problems however big or small.