Implementing a first-class dealership management system at Ford UK

We care about the services we provide, and strive to offer solutions that are fully tailored to each business need. Heard that one before? Thought so. Every service provider says the same. Give us just a few minutes though, and we will show you how we do it on daily basis for our clients.

The new system is a culmination of the knowledge gained from working with the automotive giant since 2002. Back then we started small, offering a web-to-print solution that allowed dealers throughout the UK to order press advertisements for local newspapers. The system gave dealers an opportunity to build their own ads based on templates provided by a pool of agencies, including Ogilvy & Mather, Wunderman and Palmer Hargreaves.

Dealers could access the system anywhere to build bespoke on-brand ads, whenever they wanted. This saved Ford money, and gave the dealers more freedom than ever before. Latterly, we extended the system’s functionality to provide an image library, allowing agencies and dealers to download good quality imagery easily and quickly. We also extended it to include Direct Mail, leaflet and Point of Sale templates, all publicising the latest Ford Marketing campaigns. We then tied it all together to offer fully integrated marketing campaigns to dealers for Ford promotions.

We could have rested. The Ford management team liked the system and the services we provided, and most importantly, so did the dealers. But we didn’t rest, we innovated. We visited more Ford dealers than you could have ‘shaken a stick at’, and asked them one simple question – “What’s missing?” We wanted to learn how their businesses functioned. We wanted to learn how dealers based in the middle of Scotland liaised with their customers in the middle of winter, and what we could do to help. Not the typical actions of a technology company…

Alongside everything the previous system did, the new Brand Centre® is now a marketing hub- an information source for all things around Ford marketing. It’s a place to help dealers sell cars, products and services to their customers.

So there you have it – we do put our Clients first and value the client relationship we have. We do care about the services we provide, we do offer solutions that suit the needs of the business.

We do it for everyone who works with standard