Branding Life in 20…

Brands are important. In fact, most people’s life stories can be told by a stream of brand names, for example:  Pampers – Kellogg’s – Coke – Lego – Eastpak – Durex – Smirnoff – Led Zeppelin - Levi’s – Apple – BA – LA – MGM – Tiffany’s - Hugo Boss – BMW – Glenfiddich - JointAce – Nurofen – Highgate.

70 odd years in 20 names

It seems we move through life at an ever faster pace - facing thousands of brand messages a day and ignoring many more. The web and social media have given us power to download, discuss and generate content at any time at any place: millions of posts, tweets and attachments adding to the digital cloud every minute. Formerly a one-way process, brand management has mutated into an endless web of interconnected users who talk and share and review.

Look at TripAdvisor”,- says Joe Jarrett, the CEO of Adgistics,- “go on a hotel’s website and it will be the most wonderful place, been around 200 years and so on. But if you check TripAdvisor and there are four people saying their hotel experience was awful – there is a very high chance you won’t go there.

We live in a transparent world where words and pictures turn into actions in seconds.