The Brand on the Balance Sheet Adgistics panel event

The morning started with a presentation from Joe Jarrett, Adgistics CEO. With Adgistics in its fourth year of consecutive growth, Joe outlined the ways in which the company has matured and deepened its core competencies to achieve this. He went on to announce a significant service extension with the acquisition of the trade and assets of boutique production house Madison Bell Media, adding a key new delivery component to the Adgistics offer.

Co-founder and Chairman James Waite introduced a new development in partnership with Canadian strategy group LEVEL5. Arguing that brand value can be captured and created across all of an organisation’s business lines, he described an integrated series of measurement and management tools that can be deployed to maximise the value contribution of a successful brand. Naming the initiative Level5 Brand Value Management, James introduced a number of key components in the system, which were subsequently demonstrated.

David Kincaid, Managing Partner and CEO of LEVEL5 Strategy Group, gave an overview of LEVEL5’s branding philosophy before diving into a high-wire demonstration of Brand Map, an extraordinary research tool that provides a quantitative framework for the analysis of emotional attitudes towards brands. Integrating with the Brand Centre®, Brand Map will give companies an unprecedented ability to understand and modify the impact their brand has on it entire audience.

Chris Bunnett, Adgistics CTO, closed the presentation segment of the day with a demonstration of a new social media authoring optimisation tool being integrated into the Brand Centre, along with a sneak preview of a new architecture and interface for the entire Brand Centre system currently in development.

The Brand on the Balance Sheet - Panel Session

Brand experts from three major international organisations joined James Waite and David Kincaid to discuss the changing role of brand management and how the value of brands is being recognised and developed within businesses around the world. Reputation, consistency, internal morale and commercial impact were all considered from a variety of perspectives in an absorbing 90-minute conversation.