Brand Consistency: How A MAM System Can Help To Maintain It

Branding goes beyond just a logo or graphic element that visually represents your company. When you think of a brand you think of the entire experiences your customers have with your brand; everything from your website, social media, service offerings.

It is the way customers perceive you. Your brand is your DNA, your promise and therefore it is essential you consistently reinforce the brand promise across every customer touch-point. By Incorporating a MAM system you can manage, build and promote a consistent brand globally. It is surprisingly easy to undermine a brand through inconsistency, one department may develop materials that don’t conform to the brand guidelines or in conflict with your brand, so they look and feel different. When you start delivering an inconsistent experience this will consequently damage your brand image.Most organisations have a marketing expert also known as the (marketing patrol) responsible for monitoring all the marketing materials and activities to ensure that all these elements are used correctly.

It is evident that companies benefit from having someone monitoring all the marketing activities that take place within the organisation as all these marketing efforts represent your brand however, depending on the size of your organisation it can be challenging and time consuming to manage all marketing programs, materials and assets. Therefore, by investing in a marketing asset management (MAM) system your marketing department can create, share and control all the marketing activities and materials instantly.

Incorporating a MAM solution within an integrated digital asset management system you can manage, build and promote a consistent brand globally. Most importantly marketers can manage both the creation of content, versioning of content and marketing-specific workflows and processes required for customising content. This, will help marketers to ensure they’re delivering consistent message across all platforms and in return you will be closer to reaching your marketing and business development goals.