The Brand Centre® solution enables brands to optimise consistency and easily share assets and resources among locations

The increasing range of marketing channels such as print, web, and social media, means that brands need to maximise visibility and leave a lasting positive impression on consumers. Who are now more socially connected than ever with a greater voice and forums to publicise their thoughts. To help meet these challenges, brands leverage and rely on Brand Asset Management solutions. This advanced technology grants deep insight and further control of all brand assets as well as the ability to customise all communications, whilst ensuring the needs of different markets are fully met.

Our Brand Centre solution optimises:

  • Global brand consistency - By utilising metadata, stemming & keywords for searching brand assets in a user-friendly visual interface, it is easy for users to identify and access the right assets required. By keeping all brand assets on an up-to-date, fully backed up solution errors in marketing communications are reduced, as team members are no longer using outdated, unapproved and incorrect material.
  • Multilingual campaigns - The Brand Centre is an effective delivery system for brand assets. Usage of the solution will boost organisational productivity by making it easier for staff (across various geographical locations) to contribute localised content to the centralised system. Users can repurpose approve brand assets for campaigns and therefore meet the brand standards every time.
  • Brand security - the Brand Centre solution ensures the security of all brand assets with a strict permission-based system. The BAM solution is a secure browser-based application that safeguards approval processes are adhered to and brand standards are upheld across all territories.

The Brand Centres' user-friendly interface helps users to locate the appropriate logo for their needs and any similar assets tagged with the associated keywords and metadata, gives them a more immersive experience of the brand. Activity is monitored to provide accurate reporting usage analysis, so it's easier to understand how people are interacting with the Brand Asset Management solution.

A Brand Centre solution will help protect the integrity of the brand and with additional brand management tools, brand managers can ensure that the brand is consistently presented on-message and reaches more consumers across multiple touch points.

Image credit (c) Jozef Krajčovič