A Brand Centre® – ideal solution for agencies to leverage and manage several brands

Let’s play out a few fictional scenarios and situations, which outline how agencies can reduce costs, be more time-efficient and strengthen the relationship with the brands they manage. Liam is a graphic designer working for a large agency. His day would normally involve sending files via email or an intranet system to produce high quality, creative ads. His agency recently implemented a Brand Asset Management system in order to streamline their approval processes. They introduced a Brand Centre solution across their brand portfolio, which offers simple, user-friendly content management and approval functionalities.

Liam likes the direct contact he has with his clients and wants to build on that by leveraging the Brand Centre.

He was asked to produce a magazine ad. Prior to working on the design, Liam can view and download the latest brand identity guidelines to ensure correct brand representation. Having a centralised system allows him to browse through best practice to certify he is compliant with the latest regulations. He can view artwork files that other users have created and uploaded, he can even do localised adaptations to suit his project and creative work.

The Brand Centre solution is a huge time saver for Liam as he now spends a lot less time searching for the correct, approved brand assets and can therefore spend more time developing creative work.

The system facilitates cost reductions and generates an impressive ROI. Everything is in one place, easily accessible. All assets on the system are always the latest, approved and legal versions. The decision-making process for which assets to use has been streamlined as the brand assets on the system have been carefully filtered for specific usage.

The system is highly secure and due to the fact that it's browser based, Liam can access the Brand Centre on the go and is not confined to his desk. If he is off site, he can easily direct other users to the appropriate area of the web application or send them a secure, time permitted link to specific brand assets. He does not have to worry about losing crucial band assets that are stored on USB sticks, emails or an archaic system.

Liam now has a new project and needs to get a press ad approved. He can quickly search for the correct assets required to create a template and download a press ad kit with the latest brand assets.

The Brand Centre enables him to download a secure zip file. Then once the design and layout is finalised, he can upload the ad and request approval from the client all within the Brand Centre; review required changes and receive email notifications on the progress of the ad directly from the client. Sharing and collaborating of brand asset information is instant.

At first, Liam was weary that the implementation of the Brand Centre might push him away from the client, but instead it has brought him even closer to the brand enabling him to contribute to the brand story.

Image credit (c) Jozef Krajčovič