The Brand Centre develops a strong Brand Community

The Brand Centre enables organisations to build strong brand relationships and develop a powerful brand community.

The Brand Centre® is a complete brand management solution that supports and nurtures the internal workings of your brand. It's designed to unite colleagues in a single, secure online environment.

Helping your staff to become brand ambassadors requires a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences. By creating an environment where users can take a free-form approach to sharing and learning, on a private, internal basis, or by involving several teams well where appropriate, the Brand Centre offers a sense of Brand Community that helps enrich a brand through the relationships it encourages. Facilitate discussions about individual assets or entire brand initiatives and build a brand community of knowledgeable ambassadors through the exchange of rich interactive content.

The Brand Centre entirely reflects your brand’s look and feel, creating a consistent, familiar environment, in which users will add to the store of business knowledge associated with your brand assets.

The Brand Centre develops a Brand Community by offering functions such as:

  • Uniting colleagues with blog and forum functionality in a secure environment
  • Benchmarking tools for research and performance monitoring
  • Educating and learning from people working and engaging with your brand
  • Extend your reach and build a strong brand community
  • offer a  conversational tool rather a one way content delivery system

The Brand Centre enables organisations to develop a rich cultural understanding of best practice and deep brand community connections. The platform offers an efficient way to communicate raised standards and to breed a culture of excellence.