Protecting your brand assets; what to bear in mind when it comes to security, tracking and storage

Just finding a low resolution version of the image may involve various requests to the marketing departments in all locations, your production/creative agency, your asset management solution provider, and your IT department.

All that effort and time spent, only to find out that IT had wiped the archives because they legally only have to keep data for a set period of time. Not only is this highly costly in terms of time and resources but also that image was irreplaceable.

At Adgistics, we take care of all of this for you. We make sure that all your brand assets are correctly stored and easily accessible.

Our systems are set up to be a long-term repository for all of your valuable brand assets. We have long term clients who can easily access any of their historical assets with a few easy clicks (and all of their associated metadata and usage rights).

Within our company, developers and IT are tightly integrated and geared towards securely storing all client content.

Risks to your brand assets:

  1. Storage: Do you have your data on CDs? Tapes? Portable hard disks? When was the last time you checked their integrity? These degrade and can last as little as five years! CD-R’s will only last around 10 years on average. You’d also be amazed by the amount of people who do not realise that storing hard disks near magnets (such as speakers etc.) could render the data on them useless
  2. IT data retention policies: If you do not classify your brand asset data for long time storage, your data could be lost when IT apply legally binding policies around the retention of personal data
  3. Staff changes: Throughout a brand's lifecycle, many people will work on creative pieces. Projects move quickly and can be forgotten. Valuable work can be lost as projects are left behind
  4. Non-existent or bad labelling: It’s easy to throw out important data if you don’t know what it is!
  5. Theft, fire etc. If you store your data in one location, it can be susceptible to many man-made and natural disaster risks

Our years of expertise in building Brand Asset Management systems specifically designed for this purpose is one of the reasons why our clients chose us. In order to get the most from the systems, we advise that they also host their system with us.

At any one time, we will store client data in at least 2 (usually more) geographically separate locations, as well as encrypted with a third party provider.

This is why we offer a service, in addition to the protections mentioned above, to archive off a complete copy of your brand assets on encrypted storage for you to keep safe. For a small fee and at a time period set by you, we can send you this copy, along with a copy of all of the asset metadata.

This is something that sets us apart from other brand asset management providers. Some companies may hold you to ransom for an export of this type, which, considering it is your property, is crazy!

Some of the key the benefits when trusting us with your brand assets are:

  1. Persistent storage of all of your historical data. No automatic deletion! We keep all data you store with us permanently for as long as you are a client (unless you request otherwise)
  2. Secure data backups in multiple geographical locations
  3. Leading class data centres and enterprise level storage arrays with approaching 100% online availability
  4. Over 10 years of experience in securely storing important brand assets/data for a number of major brands worldwide
  5. Recognition that this data and its associated metadata are YOUR intellectual property and you should have access to it!

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