5 points to keep in mind when implementing a Brand Asset Management system

Brands require a powerful and highly user-friendly Brand Asset Management system to enable them to fully keep track of all their assets, and usage rights etc. with each asset. There are several brand touch points across multi-regional territories for brands to consider and be cautious of. Once brand managers are aware of how crucial an integrated Brand Asset Management system is to their business, the fun task of trying to decipher the numerous marketing offerings begins.

Maintaining brand consistency, administering and policing the usage rights of brand assets, leaves you with the question, how do you get started?

Helpful Brand Asset Management Pointers

We've identified in the following simple Prezi, 5 key points to consider when selecting a new Brand Asset Management system for your brand:

  1. Scenarios - The expectations for the Brand Asset Management system
  2. Locality - Consider how your brand assets should be shared...
  3. Metadata - The key to driving the ROI of your on-brand digital assets
  4. Costs - Ensure not to leave any stones unturned
  5. Support - Having a helping hand is a crucial element to increase user adoption

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