Boost brand value with campaign management tools

Delivering clear return on investment for branding activities can be difficult to present and track for marketing teams. With various campaign management tools, brand teams can efficiently plan, monitor and execute successful operations.


Intuitive task management allows users to effectively plan a whole project or campaign from start to finish. Brief templates with a predefined set of fields can be completed at the start of a project to set out key performance objectives and detail budgets and other project requirements. Dates for each task can be set, with notifications reminding users if a task is approaching a deadline. 

Approval & Compliance

In order for a communication to be on brand, it is often required that someone from the brand team approves it. With a simple approval system, teams or users can be set up so assets or campaigns on the system can be sent for approval and responses recorded. Campaigns or projects can be sent to a compliance team, to ensure all legal aspects are accounted for and the brand is protected.

Creative review

Often, brand assets can take numerous changes in order to get to the final version. From one person saying it is slightly off brand, to another pointing out a spelling or colour mistake, the feedback process can become unorganised and time consuming. With real time, collaborative creative review tools, users can provide feedback on the same asset at the same time. Annotations can be added to add more detailed comments, highlighting exact parts of a file needed changing.

Digital asset management

By integrating campaign management tools with intelligent DAM software, assets and successful campaigns can be promoted to the Brand Centre, ready for other users on the system to utilise and learn from them.


With a clear overview of all projects tasks, brand managers can easily monitor the progress of a campaign as well as analyse how well it has gone. Files, briefs and assets are securely stored along with the project workflow, meaning all materials can be located within a matter of seconds.


With project reports available to download at any point in the process, the system provides a real time overview of tasks and approvals which can be saved locally to share and analyse further. Organisations can boost brand value with campaign management tools by representing the project's progress and delivering successful campaigns to deadlines.