Adgistics wins best brand management technology in the Technology Innovator Awards 2015

With over 15 years of experience in the brand management field, Adgistics have worked with many global brands to deliver intelligent, flexible systems improving marketing technologies. Highlighting their capability in the industry, Adgistics have been rewarded with best brand management technology at the Technology Innovator Awards 2015. Recognising the people that strive to change business through efficient technologies, the Technology Innovator Awards were developed to highlight those going the extra mile.

Adgistics wins the best brand management technology at the Technology Innovator Awards 2015

As technology develops and processes become more efficient in every industry, the need for brands to differentiate themselves is even more important. By implementing a solution that effectively helps to manage a brand, organisations can grow and evolve. The Brand Centre® technology helps brands to create value from their assets, improving consistency and accuracy in many processes.

Joe Jarrett, Adgistics CEO commented "positive recognition is always encouraging, and our ability to attract it rests on our longevity – more than 15 years in the business – and the consistent application of the client-focused, design-led principles with which we first differentiated ourselves as a technology business"

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