Joe Jarrett, Adgistics CEO, Business Elite CEO of the Year 2016

We are pleased to announce that Joe Jarrett, Chief Executive of Adgistics, has been named as Wealth and Finance International’s ‘Business Elite CEO of the Year 2016’.

Jarrett’s career background is quite diverse in nature; from being in the Australian Military before joining Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited, to then joining Quickcut which was his first ‘step into the world of enabling and disruptive technologies’. Joe embraced the reasons and benefits behind the use of new technologies and there is no doubt that the introduction of these technologies has shaken up the status quo and enforced a management re-think. Adgistics itself is a case in point, as a growing business in a rapidly evolving market place, the balance between technological innovation and how this digital revolution will impact brand marketing, is changing how our users conceptualize the possibilities available to them.

Under Jarrett’s leadership, the organisation has overcome significant challenges to become what it is today, through an ambitious and well executed strategy. Wealth and Finance International have highlighted many of both Jarrett’s and Adgistics achievements throughout the article, from our successes in terms of new client wins, platform development and expansion of our ‘global footprint’. However, Jarrett has always been insistent that our many successes didn’t compromise our core values of quality customer service, maintaining strong values and integrity and also the desire to continually quest for improvement. To that, Adgistics continues to grow and extend its reach both across business verticals and geographies.

When granted the award Jarrett stated: “It is certainly an honour to be awarded Business Elite CEO, and I would like to thank Wealth & Finance very much for the recognition. Being CEO of a company that has such a group of innovative, passionate and professional people who love what they do is something I am extremely proud of and makes the role even more enjoyable.

The whole team at Adgistics would like to extend huge congratulations to Joe Jarrett on a much-deserved recognition.  

If you would like to read the full article on pages 40 to 41 please click here.