Brand management solution for Cirque du Soleil

Founded over 25 years ago in Canada, today, Cirque du Soleil is a very successful and internationally acclaimed company, responsible for the simultaneous run of 22 different shows all around the world.

Grown from 74 people in 1984 to a team of 5,000 employees engaged in over 100 occupations, Cirque du Soleil is expected to awe around 15 million spectators in 2011. Cirque du Soleil has always been more than just entertainment. It is a real-life alternative to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory- a chance to immerse oneself into something surrealistically beautiful, something out of this world, something with a touch of pure magic.

Comments Joe Jarrett (Adgistics' CEO), "Brought up reading Andersen, Tolkien and Carroll, Cirque du Soleil's performances feel like portals into a fantasy. Even after seeing my first performance 15 years ago, I am still excited whenever I hear they are coming to town." He continues, "On the professional level, we are thrilled and look forward to years of strategic collaboration with the wizards of the big top, who gracefully invite us, mortals, into their dreams."