Providing marketers with dynamic marketing technologies to enhance digital brand assets

Global technological investment in a digital brand asset platform is on the rise as businesses want to deliver a quality brand experience and brand growth. A centralised system fosters collaboration and communication across the divisions. To maintain brand consistency and enhance time to market, marketing teams can:

  • Police of where your digital brand assets are deployed
  • Unite brand champions in enforcing consistent brand communications
  • Standardise image editing functions to retain control but allow local market customisation

Bringing order to the random distribution of asset proliferation involves your digital brand assets being effortlessly available at any given notice. Brand and Marketing Managers are presented with the opportunity for greater control over the use of their brand by making sure that the latest, legal complaint, correct version is available. Businesses can deliver a consistent brand experience and standardise global brand best practices into their local markets and teams.

Empower brand ownership to a selective number of users or teams and create optimal digital brand assets to accelerate international growth both quickly and efficiently. They can gain a clearer visibility of how the brand should be represented by using marketing technologies that enhance the ability to manage brand communications. This improves brand knowledge across the business.

Digital brand assets are valuable commodities for any business as product information, rich content such as images and videos are paramount to sustainable brand growth. As workspaces become more digitised and focus on the quality of digital content created, people will undoubtedly be required to learn how to manage, collaborate and deliver digital brand content effectively. Consumers want information at their fingertips as quickly as possible, so any product or service information displayed needs to be accurate. Branded content will most likely be populated from multiple providers, so addressing and enhancing the brand assets can add value to the overall business.