How can a Brand Centre technology platform ensure global brand consistency?

To increase efforts in administering brand consistency, marketing technology solutions are increasing in popularity as it allows global brands to share brand assets and collateral at ease. Businesses can take utilise their brand assets and look to generate revenue and further opportunities from them. The usage of images, videos, logos etc. carry their own level of ownership and usage rights. Administer brand compliance and best practice by protecting your brand assets so that they are being appropriately utilised in any given market. Businesses can leverage DAM systems to administer an easy process to archive and search brand assets. As more and more content is shared and created, the technology must be flexible enough to allow users to transform image formats and resolutions on the fly.

The Brand Centre enables businesses to ensure consistent application of the brand, to easily create, share and manage materials and campaigns, whilst saving on artwork adaption costs through Brand Centre modules such as Artwork Automation. Instant brand asset retrieval can transform the way an organisation administers brand compliance.

Gaining insight into how brand assets are being used and repurposed enables businesses to deliver legal compliant marketing campaigns more efficiently. Knowing which brand assets are approved for certain markets, helps to avoid any conflicting digital or standard rights violations. Global businesses want to bring tangible ROI to brand management and implement global compliance efficiently.