Why brand infringement can damage reputation and how to prevent it

Once an organisation is established with core elements such as name, logo, and tagline it is vital that these are protected. Brand infringement can damage reputation if others use brand assets in a destructive way, confusing customers and losing their trust.

When any new companies are formed, or even existing ones are rebranded, research and due diligence must be at the forefront of any strategy. Copying an existing logo or name, whether intentional or not can be very costly, with potential long lasting damage to reputation. The Starbucks and Starpreya logo were very similar, leading to harmful trademark disputes.

In order to for brands to be unique and stand out in a crowded market, they must have a consistent set of ideas and values, different to any other competitor. All elements associated with a brand, including colours, logos, fonts, and taglines should be legally supported with trademarks and registration immediately. Inconsistency leads to confusion of the brand's message and the identity can become damaged. 

If brands protect their properties in the correct manner, customers, potential clients and investors are much more likely to trust in the brand, spending their time and money. While protecting a brand may require time, it is essential in creating value for the business in the long run.

How can organisation’s further prevent brand infringement?

Too often, brand materials are passed around in an unorganised manner, leaving valuable assets at risk. To further prevent brand infringement, a brand asset management solution should be configured.

With a secure infrastructure, assets are protected but also easily accessible to the right people. Intelligent technology allows trusted users to share and download materials within a matter of seconds, creating efficiency in many marketing processes.

Guidelines play an integral part in keeping the brand consistent. They set out rules and guidance on how to use materials, ensuring the brand is always represented in the same way. By allowing employees and partners to easily follow these guidelines through a brand asset management system they decrease the likelihood of brand infringement.

Within many marketing operations, numerous agencies may be used to create campaigns and collateral. With Brand Centre® technology, intuitive task management and approval tools provide transparency over the whole process, insuring that everything is accounted for. Brand teams are able to easily review assets, providing feedback on how the brand should be represented at all times.