What it takes to be a DAM champion

While there may be a team or a few individuals willing to maintain parts of a DAM system, it is essential that there is a DAM champion or manager who can oversee all operations linked to the system. Often, getting the approvals and budget from senior management can be time consuming. This role requires perseverance and commitment to follow any procurement or enhancements through to completion.

DAM management

A good digital asset management system is updated regularly, with new guideline updates, brand materials and creatives for people to share and learn from. With a constant stream of new assets, the asset library is constantly growing, making the management of the system even more important. As the asset library expands and new features or campaigns are introduced, the menu must be updated to provide users with an intuitive list of assets and tools. Using a batch upload, an admin can apply many generalised keywords and usage information applicable to all assets. Ensuring that someone is responsible for continually updating asset metadata will ensure that search tools are effective and even beginners can navigate their way to the required asset in a matter of seconds.


A DAM champion should have the influence to join together departments. By encouraging teams to share their creatives and best practice of work, others can learn from this and promote brand compliance. Implementing UX testing across all teams, with established and new users will help to ensure the system is intuitive and the intended purpose is achieved.

Brand Management

While a DAM champion may not be responsible for creating brand guidelines or configuring the colour palette, they must be able to oversee the assets in order to make sure they are correctly represented and protected. By managing all the assets on the DAM system, this will ensure that users have the most up to date versions and they can communicate the brand image correctly. Throughout the system, the brand identity should be conveyed, with no colours or fonts being incorrect. This promotes brand consistency and ensures users have a good vision of the brand.


If there is anything that cannot be managed through the system, clear communication from the DAM champion addressing these issues is a must. During any development phase they will need to fully participate in scoping discussions to ensure that every requirement is achievable and completed with the intended outcome. This may include participation from many stakeholders to ensure new functionality is built to benefit as many teams as possible. A good communicator is also needed in order to teach other DAM admins how to manage the system.

Project management

With workflow systems that organize a project or campaign from brief to completion, a digital asset management system can facilitate multiple tasks. Working with teams, the DAM champion must discover the most efficient workflows that people are willing to adopt into their everyday work and translate this onto the system. Users and agencies must be configured so they have the right permissions for their role and any new workflow requirements should come through the DAM manager to ensure this gets completed accordingly.

To view a profile of a top DAM champion see our prezi below: