The Magic's in the Logic: Breaking into the Black Box of Brand Value

The theme for the day was the relationship between creativity and management in the operation of a successful brand. James built on the theme of 'Magic and Logic', an idea developed by Charles Kirchner in 2005 to distinguish between the delivery of value adding effectiveness (through creativity) and process efficiency (through implementation) in the marketing function. 

In a presentation entitled 'The Magic's in the Logic: Breaking into the Black Box of Brand Value' James explored the recent history of the branding and advertising industry with reference to the transparency that technology has brought to the entire supply chain, and the new business opportunities this has created for clients and agencies alike. He went on to describe the role Adgistics has taken over more than a decade, being instrumental in many clients' new relationship with their brands.

Adgistics approach to Brand Value Management

Delivered to audiences of senior luxury sector specialists, for whom the Brand closely encapsulates the 'extra mile' gladly given up by their customers, the talks examined the elements of value that can be potentially left on the table, whether in identification of a compelling Brand Promise, or in its consistent activation. In both breakfast and lunchtime sessions a description of Adgistics' approach to Brand Value Management led to some stimulating conversation around the identification and protection of processes that breathe dynamic, adaptive life into branded businesses, and how to recognise the very real value they empower.

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