The importance of brand consistency in third party communications

Creating guidelines means people can effectively utilise brand materials, consistently conveying the same message to customers. If the message is lost in inconsistent branding, customers can become confused, and more likely to find them untrustworthy. It is vital that all elements of a business are kept on brand, not just by brand teams and internal employees but by the wider community. Therefore, when working with third parties to create campaigns or deliver on projects it is important that brand materials are readily accessible.

Distributing guidelines and sets of logos to many third parties is not feasible in large organisations, often costing many valuable hours to the business. This method can become highly inefficient with files being lost in email trails, or even compromised through an insecure mail server.

Brands must be smart about the way they do business. With a digital asset management system, valuable materials can be stored securely and are easily accessible to the necessary people. Keyword and menu structures allow all assets to be located within seconds so thousands of approved users can instantly download and start using them.

A Brand Centre® solution provides technologies that work with not only the core brand teams but also enhance the relationship with external third parties. An activity task management tool allows collaboration between many stakeholders, encouraging efficiency through intuitive project workflows. Third parties never have to leave the system meaning they are always within a brand orientated setting, promoting the importance of consistency.

A creative approval tool also supports partnership and education, with brand teams able to easily comment on ongoing work in real time. This allows brands to competently monitor the consistency of communications and materials being developed, while feeding back to agencies who can learn from the experience.

By alleviating the pressure of brand teams, many processes become more cost effective and efficient. Agencies are supported with the tools they need to be on brand and consistency is increased.