The benefits of a DAM customer support helpdesk

Managing a brand is no easy task but with a digital asset management system, it makes a brand team’s life just that little bit easier. From storing and organising assets to managing tasks and approvals, a DAM provides the tools to make processes more efficient and cost effective. Ensuring that a DAM champion is on hand to manage all aspects of the system, including the communication between themselves and the vendor is essential to maintain effectiveness. However, there is only so much that a team or individual can do in a day, generally the main priority being brand focused. When it comes to technical help and everyday tasks it’s helpful to have assistance, relieving the (already very large) workload.

Adgistics Professional Services are a team of highly skilled brand administrators that work with a brand and become an extension of the team. They are the go-to people for a little technical help or even a bit of advice on page layout. A global DAM customer support helpdesk can be just an email or call away, providing extra support for the brand within office time and out of hours.


Although an effective DAM system must be intuitive, there is always a probability that some users are not technically proficient, requiring a little more guidance than others. With excellent IT skills, the team can assist with queries from forgotten passwords to help with templates or uploading images. The team are able to compile reports that include information about visits and page views, providing extra transparency on the usage and return on investment of the system.

System knowledge

The customer support helpdesk have expert knowledge of each Brand Centre. If there’s any materials that can’t be located with the intuitive search tools they can be on hand to assist on where and if the file is available. If there’s a material or tool that could be added to the DAM, the team can liaise with the brand to discuss what improvements could be made and where they can help.

Content management

When launching a DAM system, thousands of assets must be uploaded, with menus and keyword structures configured. The professional services team are used to putting their expertise to practice to help build the structure, suggesting ideas to make the user experience as intelligent as possible. Materials will regularly need to be added or updated and the support team are the ideal tool to help manage this task.

User registrations

Upon development of the DAM system, a pre-defined set of users can be added so they have instant access once the Brand Centre is live. However, there will always be user registrations, from new departments needing materials, agencies working on a project or simply just new employees. While the brand team can be trained to administer these accounts and set up permissions, the DAM customer support helpdesk are equipped at managing this, leaving time for more important tasks.

Within some organisations, there is a need for additional security around who is allowed access to the system. The team coordinate with brands to develop controlled approval processes, providing an extra level of protection over the brand.

While the Brand Centre makes processes more efficient with automation technology, there is always a need for human attention. The Adgistics professional services team provide friendly cost effective support that eases the work of brand professionals and assists with many everyday queries.