Streamline marketing communications to relieve the stress of the holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, spirits are high and the festivities are in full swing. With the fun, often comes the stress of the many marketing communications that need creating and sending out.

As 2016 approaches, forecasts, targets and end of year reviews need to communicated to the business. Maintaining engagement with internal employees and the public is still essential in the holiday period, however there is risk that communications can become off brand. As a result, the brand values can be  and the brand should still be communicated consistently. With artwork automation software, professionals are able to create marketing communications instantly. Rules-based templates allow flexibility, while enabling control over core brand elements like logo and the colour palette. Aspects of the holiday season can be present in templates, while the brand is kept consistent and messages can still be communicated with clarity.

With more and more companies supporting the work from home culture, especially in the holiday period, employees and agencies must have the ability to complete marketing operations without the use of office facilities. Brand asset management software provides accessibility to users 24 hours a day through a secure log in, meaning brand materials can be located and marketing communications can be created.

Sending greeting cards can be a great way to thank clients and customers for their continue support throughout the year. This highlights the business's appreciation of their relationship and gives the opportunity to give warm wishes for the upcoming year. While plastering logos and advertising all over a card may be too much, having one designed with the brand colours can still promote the brand with subtlety. Materials like these can be managed on a digital asset management system, which allow users to quickly locate, share and download assets.