Priorities in Brand Operations event

Beginning with the idea that the foundation of a great brand is an inspiring promise, the session explored what else is required when it comes to bringing a brand to life. "What", we asked, "does it take to successfully operate a brand? Are there principles that must always be observed and foundations that can never be disturbed? Or is every case different, requiring new ingredients to secure effective competitive advantage?"

Adgistics Co-founder and Chairman, James Waite was joined by Louisa Clarke, Director at The Caffeine Partnership, Sascha Weisshaupt, Head of Strategy & Brand at Swisscom, and David Wheldon, President of the World Federation of Advertisers.

James introduced Adgistics’ take on Brand Value Management, arguing that brand value can be captured and created across all of an organisation’s business lines. With Adgistics CTO Chris Bunnett, he looked at a particular piece of Brand Centre® functionality that enables powerful changes to be made, quickly, safely and cheaply, to any of the underlying rules that govern brand representation in any organisation – allowing flexibility and adaptation to new circumstances and opportunities.

Louisa’s talk illustrated how the experience of a brand can be only partially controlled, and presented case studies of methods used by both established and innovative new brands to understand and manage the opportunities and risks of brand management by understanding the role of culture in environments and categories subject to change.

Sascha showed how Swisscom’s brand has rewritten large parts of the traditional branding rule-book and undergone a revolution, describing how it has been received both internally and externally, and the ways in which it has enabled the company to expand and innovate in its portfolio offerings.

David wove together an account of his new role at the WFA with insights from his three year tenure at Barclays – and, reflecting on his upcoming position at the Royal Bank of Scotland, David communicated a clear picture of the common elements of principled practice that underpin any successful brand operation.

Priorities in Brand Operations - the panel session

All the speakers joined the panel along with other brand experts - Charles Fallon (SI Partners) and Matt Booker (Cousin) - covering together substantial part of the supply chain. Reputation and perception, consistency and trust, internal morale and commercial impact were all considered from a variety of perspectives in an absorbing conversation.

Joe Jarrett, Adgistics CEO, said: “It’s always a pleasure to get together with a group of clients and partners to spend time thinking about the work we all do just for the sake of thinking about it. The session presented some effective and innovative insights into brand management, giving us all some valuable new perspectives.”