How valuable are your digital assets?

Digital assets are highly valuable commodities; much time goes into creating and developing them. PwC conducted this excellent study outlining how much value we put into our personal digital assets. PwC found out in their recent survey of UK consumers that we value our personal digital assets at £25 billion.

Below is a brief summary of the survey.

Which digital assets do we value the most?

Photos of loved ones are at the top of the list of things we tend to store digitally (73%) followed by personal emails or other messages (69%) and music (57%).

Correlating from our most valued digital assets our photos are also the things we would be most likely to pay to recover (52%). In distant second place is our personal information such as financial documents (19%), with the exception of Londoners who rate their spreadsheets of financial documents as more important than photos.

How do we protect our digital assets?

Luckily results from the survey indicated that consumers are painfully aware of the need to protect digital assets.

Over a third of us (36%) use external hard drives and 29% use cloud services. Unexpectedly consumers still like to fall back on paper copies, with 32% of us keeping paper copies. 9% of consumers think that none of these options are secure.

Surprisingly the older generation appears to be more security-savvy and much less likely to use the same password (18%) than the younger generation (29% of 18 to 34 year olds).

A digital assets after-life?

A quarter of consumers noted that nobody would be able to access their personal digital content if they pass. That’s a huge amount of paid-for, or sentimentally valuable, digital content lost forever.

If we as individuals are becoming ever more reliant on digital assets, imagine what a vital role they play for brands. Protecting those brand digital assets, even when managed by other parties, is now an imperative that no business can afford to ignore.

To view the full PwC study on digital lives click here.