How to increase usage in a digital asset management system

The digital asset management market is set to grow at a rate of 21.7 percent over the period of 2014-2019. This will likely mean that brand teams will adopt the system, utilising it regularly for their brand and marketing needs. However, to implement a system in which just core brand teams use the system is not enough. Wider use, globally in teams across the business is beneficial in reinforcing brand values and maximising return in the system. Here are five tools for engaging the whole business in a digital asset management system: Provide easy access

Single sign on (SSO) allows internal users to enter the system instantly, once logged onto their work computer. This gives teams across the world instant access to brand materials and improves the user experience, encouraging users to revisit the DAM.

Promote the DAM through the Intranet

By having clear links from the company Intranet, the whole business will be aware of the system and be driven towards accessing it. When any new materials are uploaded, this can be highlighted on the home page.

Implement a community forum

Within a digital asset management system, a creative community can be facilitated. Brand materials can be highlighted in the community, allowing people to share their thoughts and ideas. This not only increases engagement but encourages learning about the brand.

Brand awards

By facilitating brand awards on a digital asset management system, this drives engagement and rewards achievement in brand and marketing across the business. Submissions, judging and presenting can all be done through the system, increasing the usage and driving engagement.

Facilitate marketing operations

By introducing a system that can facilitate all marketing operations, users are likely to adopt it for everyday business requirements. With intuitive artwork automation software and activity task management, users can manage projects and easily create communications.