How can highly regulated industries overcome compliance challenges in marketing?

Within highly regulated industries like financial services and healthcare, companies can face many compliance challenges. This often requires numerous hoops to be jumped through, increasing risk, time and cost. However, not adhering to regulations can prove damaging to reputation and revenue. Utilising a marketing asset management solution can help protect a brand more efficiently. The graph to the right highlights that managing compliance is one of the biggest challenges within financial institutions. For marketers, ensuring that operations are carried out in accordance with all legal requirements is essential in meeting strict regulations and minimising risk.

Marketing and compliance challenges

  • Ensuring every communication or material is consistently on brand, whether it be locally or globally.
  • Making sure tasks and projects are tracked, in order for audits to be carried out.
  • Enabling control over specific departments, agencies and users.
  • Rights management and control over asset protection levels.
  • Ensuring a quick turnaround from brief to publication, while accounting for all approvals.
  • Maintaining approvals in a clear, efficient system.


  • Artwork automation software streamlines the design process, giving users controlled access to edit templates. Core elements are pre-defined meaning local and global communications are consistently on-brand.
  • A dynamic task management system factors in compliance and legal tasks to a project, tracking approvals throughout and engaging different teams in the process.
  • User groups and areas can be configured for different departments so only the correct people have access to the corresponding assets.
  • Centralise control of brand assets within a secure digital asset management system. Usage information can be applied to single assets or groups, to ensure users take account of which mediums and environments they can be used. Protection levels can be set up so that only certain user groups can see and download them.
  • Review and approving files becomes easier with an annotator tool, with real time commenting on assets. Throughout a campaign creation, approvals can be administered quickly and intuitively, reducing time to market.