How can brands localise global marketing collateral?

Reaching millions of people with social media and global marketing collateral can be beneficial for brands, requiring less resources and cost. However, when a message like a translation or image is communicated incorrectly, local audiences can become confused and even offended. This impacts the reputation of the brand and can harm the relationship with the customer. Utilising an intelligent marketing asset management solution can empower local markets to create campaigns quickly and easily. This allows brands to fulfil their global mission, while localising the message.

Local resource

Strategically, organisations will choose to assign larger budgets to regions that are perhaps most profitable. This means there is less resource and money to be spent in certain areas on creating marketing collateral and ensuring that it is in line with the brand guidelines. This can delay adoption of marketing updates, with the region having outdated branding. By giving local brand teams access to a Brand Centre®, they can instantly create marketing collateral without having to start from scratch. Also, while larger global teams may be more cost effective, utilising smaller teams that have knowledge of the local market means they can ensure messages are appropriate.

Cultural sensitivity

Creating global marketing collateral can be beneficial, although some elements should be targeted differently in particular areas. Certain signs, abbreviations or images can be derogatory in one country while being effective in another. Artwork automation software gives users the ability to change the language, logo and other cultural elements intuitively.

Region specifics

Companies must ensure they focus on all details in their marketing campaigns. Being able to efficiently change an image or symbol while not having to change the whole campaign is easy with artwork automation software. Details like which side of the road cars drive on will impact on the images used. Car companies can easily load regional specific models onto a template, ready for users to edit.