How can brand asset management software support a successful rebrand?

Rebranding can be a daunting prospect for organisations, with so many factors to plan and execute.  Implementing brand asset management software can be the ideal support for organisations throughout the duration of a rebrand and afterwards.

Time for change? How can brand asset management software support a rebrand?

Ensuring that stakeholders, brand teams and agencies all have access to new materials is essential in making sure that the refreshed brand identity can be communicated instantly. Utilising a brand asset management solution early on in a rebranding project ensures all new branded content is globally accessible within seconds.

Controlling the volume of updated documents and brand materials requires a system that can efficiently manage content and distribute as necessary. Brand asset management software allows for an intuitive user experience, where users can quickly locate and download assets. Dynamic search features, through an ElasticSearch model enhance the process of finding assets, locating terms in descriptions, usage, keywords and names.

Once core brand materials are updated with the new brand identity, it is essential that globally, the brand reflects this. If there is inconsistency in communications from this point, the brand could become more damaged, defeating the object of the rebrand. With tools available within a Brand Centre, brand can promote their brand refresh, encouraging learning and consistency.

Artwork automation software streamlines the creative process, providing brand teams with the tools to complete materials and communications in minutes. Templates can be customised although main elements can be fixed, ensuring consistency throughout all materials.

Adgistics brand asset management solutions have successfully supported brands in their rebranding exercise. To find out more, read our brand asset management case studies here.