Engaged employees become brand champions! The importance of career developing tools to encourage brand evolvement and business growth

Aside from salaries and physical engagement such as events and initiatives, businesses must find new strategies to promote employee engagement and in turn, increase job satisfaction. With the rise of communication channels and applications that people work from, businesses must ensure they are engaging people through the right mediums. By utilising an existing platform that employees are already functioning from, brands can build on this, providing a space for learning and engagement. A Brand Centre® provides the tools to efficiently manage a brand, supporting thousands of brand materials which are readily available for the business to access. While the main use for professionals may be to access these tools, offering an additional platform in which employees can learn from can improve the user experience and increase the likelihood they will perceive the brand (and the system) in a more positive light.

Engaged employees become brand champions

Implementing a community area within a Brand Centre can provide a central place for a number of different compelling tools, a few listed below, aimed at engaging employees. Providing people with tools to develop their career will result in increased productivity and business growth, so committed and engaged employees become brand champions.

Career skills

A skills builder tool can provide an ideal way to deepen an understanding of a particular area of work in every level of the business. People in different areas of the business can learn about how to develop their own abilities while also learning about what other roles may entail.

Job opportunities

A job board can provide up to date listings of all the new jobs, complimented by the skill sets highlighted elsewhere in the community area. This is a necessary element of career building that employees require although linking this with skills development can ensure they get the support desired.

Brand community

Although not restricted to a community area, a commenting function enabled in spaces that can spark discussion is great to engage employees in the business. Whether it be a new campaign or a brand refresh, allowing people to share their thoughts can prove an effective way to encourage conversation about the brand.

Colleague inspiration

Learning from colleagues with experience in the industry can be a valuable tool for people to gain knowledge and inspiration to further them in their own career.  Encouraging people to nominate a colleague they think should be highlighted increases engagement further and gives the nominee a sense of reward and achievement.

Brand value

Throughout each of these tools, brand values can be communicated subtly, increasing the opportunity for brand champions to be developed. The desired skills and knowledge for each business area or role can be shaped around the brand purpose, leading employees to grow with the business.

An online community that features these tools will increase engagement with the brand, while growing peoples careers and therefore the business as a whole. It can link the organisation together, giving employees the opportunity to learn from peers who they have not come into contact before. This encourages brand champions at every level within the organisation, therefore facilitating wider employee brand engagement.