Reward best practice and drive employee engagement with brand awards!

Employees and the brand, two of the most valuable assets to an organisation, work hand in hand in creating success. Developing methods to connect the two encourage brand champions to maintain consistency throughout all communication, therefore representing the company in a more positive light. Brand awards are a great way of inspiring and engaging people in the brand, allowing many others to learn from the highest quality examples.  By recognising excellence in best practice, it fosters the culture in which employees can grow with the brand and continue to produce outstanding work.

By integrating an intelligent brand asset management solution with an awards submission system, employees will be engaged throughout the whole process from start to finish. Through the Brand Centre®, marketing operations can be completed with efficiency and ease and campaigns can be monitored throughout the course of the project. Flexible activity task management technology enables users to create projects, review campaigns and gain approval from various stakeholders.

Once a set of creatives or communications are brand approved, users are given the option to promote the assets to the Brand Centre, allowing others to view and learn from their work. From brief to approval, the whole life cycle of a campaign is stored on the BAM system. This allows users to track effectiveness and oversee tasks with transparency.

With all assets being stored in the Brand Centre, this is the ideal location for brand awards to be based from. An intuitive awards infrastructure can be configured, allowing users submit materials they have already uploaded to the system. Online submissions forms can be completed quickly, readily accessible for the judging process to take place.

By utilising a showcase player housed in the Brand Centre, an awards display can be produced for ceremonies or post awards to highlight successful work. With an attractive interface, the player features and showcases many campaigns and allows others to learn and be inspired from them. By integrating these effective Brand Centre tools, organisations can drive employee engagement with brand awards and increase positivity about the brand.