Can technology automate everything?... Do we really want it to?

Whilst we are all looking for ways to generate more efficiency, new technologies are being developed to make businesses more prominent, the most fundamental factor in any automation technology is humans. Whether this be how intuitive the system is or the intended outcome or product, it will only ever be an effective solution if humans gain something from it, monetarily and psychologically. It does not matter how much technology evolves or how advanced software solutions become there is always an element that will involve human interaction. Take customer service for example, no one wants to listen to an automated voice for five minutes shout their answers into the phone only to be told they’re saying something completely different. This leaves the customer feeling frustrated which can harm the brand’s reputation. Humans are vital in customer service to ensure that your stakeholders are getting a unique experience making them feel special, therefore increasing brand perception.

Can technology automate everything? Or is human interaction essential?

We understand that whilst automation is key to moving our core business forward we have also realised that its necessary to adopt a policy which embraces the human factor. Our professional services team, along with dedicated account managers provide friendly technical assistance, being the helping hand that any brand needs to support their employees, products and clients.

We've established that human contact is vital within any automated process however our artwork automation technology has been proven to drastically cut both time and costs of creating collateral as well as increasing brand consistency.

Our technology was developed by analysing timely and costly processes of everyday tasks and identify what could be streamlined further. Templates, logos and other communications can all be adapted in a matter of minutes to align with a certain market or message, removing the need for expensive software and a designer to create everything individually, each time. Making employees more efficient, self-reliant and always correctly representing the brand.

Once materials have been adapted there will still always be the need for quality assurance to ensure the asset is appropriate. A creative approval functionality can assist the user in easily gaining approval on their asset, by sending it straight to a designated brand team representative, while never leaving the system.

The key to driving value to a business is to make humans the heart of it and build out from there. Businesses need to observe human behavior and develop ways to automate processes while not taking away the vital human factor in situations where necessary.