How did Rotary, the international not for profit organisation, strengthen its brand identity?

Rotary are a not for profit organisation, formed of neighbours, friends and community leaders who aim to create positive change around the world. To strengthen Rotary’s image in communities further, a Rotary Brand Centre was implemented with brand materials and resources to promote their brand identity.

The digital asset management system educates over 1 million members on the brand, giving them instant access to thousands of core brand assets and localised materials. Key functionality including baskets enables users to share brand assets with key agencies and colleagues worldwide to make it easy for anyone to align their communications with the brand identity. The site is multi-lingual, with eight different languages to choose from, ensuring that the brand can be supported by countries worldwide.

With artwork automation, colleagues can readily customise templates and core materials like club logos, removing the cost of designers and expensive software. The system is intuitive and ensures that the brand identity is kept consistent in all communications.

Don’t just take our word for it! Rotary have listed five brilliant reasons why their Brand Centre is useful for maintaining the community image. Here, they also provide a number of channels to promote the visual identity, including a postcard and Pinterest board.

The Rotary Brand Centre helps to deliver a clear and compelling story to the public by ensuring that a consistent tone of voice and visual identity can be easily applied in all communications. Click here to read the Rotary Brand Centre case study.