5 DAM myths debunked!

What is stopping businesses from implementing digital asset management systems which enhance growth and value for a brand? We take a look at common DAM myths and the facts behind them.

Myth 1: Not enough budget to justify no ROI

With organisations under pressure to demonstrate return on new technologies and investments, it is no surprise that teams can be nervous when considering new systems. Wasted time and money spent on locating and distributing files can be put into more productive and creative tasks. Having to replace and replicate assets can cost a business thousands, along with the damage that brand inconsistencies can have on reputation. A digital asset management system removes this risk, and allows for campaigns, projects, logos, imagery and more to be stored and found easily. Artwork automation software enhances marketing operations, meaning collateral can be created within seconds from branded templates. Furthermore, there is a misconception that BAM and DAM systems are utilised only by brand and marketing teams. However, they can actually benefit the wider business, providing ease of access to core materials and ensuring brand consistency.

Myth 2: Culture and organisational shift

There is a myth that implementing a DAM system requires multiple people to manage it, forcing a shift in culture and change in the way marketing operations are executed. A Brand Centre® is intuitive and accessible globally meaning adoption across the wider business is made simple. A DAM champion is beneficial in engaging further stakeholders and ensuring the system is maximising its potential.

Myth 3: Implementation (before and after)

Many people can think it takes too much effort to implement a DAM system, getting no support once it is up and running. While a scoping exercise is crucial in the planning stage, it means a Brand Centre is designed around the business needs and all features are implemented to enhance processes. Throughout all stages of implementation, our team offer support ensuring that the system will reach its full potential and create value for the brand. Further to this, a highly skilled professional services team can complement the technology by assisting with any additional technical and admin tasks.

Myth 4: Our brand has too many assets for a DAM

A digital asset management system is designed to facilitate thousands of assets. We understand the importance of growth in a business, so providing a system that supports this is essential. Not only does a DAM store thousands of assets but it organises materials effectively and securely. Intelligent search features mean assets can be found in seconds, downloaded and shared.

Myth 5: Managing a DAM is time consuming

With intuitive features and processes, teams can efficiently manage content. Large libraries of images or new campaigns can be uploaded in batches and tagged as appropriate, which becomes a lot quicker than doing this locally and distributing individually. Once materials have metadata applied, they can easily be located and hidden once they are expired, meaning managing the usage rights is easier.

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