5 benefits of brand asset management software in transport communications

Managing the reputation of transportation companies can be challenging, with so many elements having the potential to cause damage. By managing brand and marketing activities efficiently, businesses can focus time and money on the service they deliver. What are the benefits of brand asset management software in communications for transport companies?

1. Transparency

If messages are communicated clearly and with transparency, customers are more likely to trust in a company and that they can deliver on their service. With guidelines easily accessible, users can communicate the tone of voice correctly, strengthening the brand's image.

2. Manage thousands of assets

Images are a great way of telling a story about the brand. With thousands of assets to organise, an intelligent digital asset management system can help users to locate the right one, providing them with instant access to marketing materials for their creatives. Logos, guidelines, fonts and other brand materials are easily accessible to registered users or agencies with secure sharing tools.

3. Create branded signage

With any transport services, ensuring that passengers are well informed is essential for a good customer experience. Creating signs within minutes means any closures, disruptions or directions can be communicated quickly.

4. Create marketing materials

Leaflets, newsletters and factsheets are all useful tools for providing information or promotional offers to customers or internal staff. With branded templates, users can input their content while communicating the brand values consistently.

5. Approval system

Once brand materials or creatives have been created, often they still need to checked before being publicised. With an intuitive approval system, users can send their work for approval and receive comments quickly, without the need for back and forth emails. This saves time and avoids documents getting lost in numerous email trails.

Adgistics clients, such as Eurostar and Network Rail have used brand asset management software to enhance efficiency and transparency across communications. Read our case studies to find out more about the benefits of brand asset management.