10 benefits of MAM software in the healthcare industry

Within the healthcare industry, organisations must make a conscious effort to protect their brand and communicate values to promote a high quality of care. Implementing a marketing asset management (MAM) solution provides brands with the opportunity to support a consistent brand image.

1. Instant access to brand materials

Throughout healthcare companies, employees are likely to be located around the world. Making sure everyone has access to the most up to date brand materials easily, in one central place is essential in ensuring global consistency. Administrators on the system can effortlessly upload and update materials, storing version details if reverting is ever necessary.

2. Quickly produce artwork

Often campaigns and other brand collateral requires updating by designers, even for the smallest text change. This results in duplicated work and money spent on designers which could be spent on more valuable tasks. The solution is artwork automation software. Users of a MAM system can securely edit existing templates, while restricted to keeping the message and image on brand.

3. Send a communication to print

Once artwork has been successfully created and approved, getting it printed in large quantities can prove to be another time consuming task. By utilising print fulfilment on the system, users never have to leave during the process, minimising time and effort spent on saving artwork locally and finding a company to print with your specifications.

4. Increase brand awareness

A marketing asset management platform is designed around the look and feel of a brand. By just having access to the system, users can learn about the brand's story and and be encouraged to represent the brand. By showcasing best practice, others can learn from this and become brand champions.

5. Secure infrastructure for valuable assets

Brand assets are valuable by definition, with many healthcare images, and documents being confidential or protected through copyrights or other legalities. Allowing them to land in the wrong hands or be misused can be costly. Storing them in an infrastructure that is secure, facilitating multiple levels of permissions means only the right people have access. This means specific areas or groups of assets can only be seen by a set group of people, minimising damage to reputation.

6. Strengthen brand image

Building a consistent brand is essential in upholding a credible reputation. This is extremely important for healthcare brands to maintain a trusting relationship with customers. Dynamic guidelines available on the system outline how the brand should be represented, with the message of quality healthcare being communicated with clarity.

7. Efficiency

Streamlining complex marketing processes means time and money is saved and resources can be utilised effectively. Uploading, organising and locating materials become efficient and minimises effort when trying to find a file.

8. Manage thousands of assets

Thousands of assets including copyrighted imagery, medicinal packaging and core brand elements need to be organised efficiently to ensure they can be located quickly. With intelligent search features, users can instantly find materials and download, share or order based on the permissions assigned to them.

9. Manage marketing workflows with transparency

Managing complex marketing operations can be difficult, especially when there are many legal hurdles to jump over and different teams to consult with. An activity task management system streamlines marketing processes and provides transparency to ensure all tasks are recorded and accounted for. Marketing campaigns can be managed, with budget and briefs linked to artwork automation so that the whole process can be done in one central location from start to finish.

10. Administer brand approvals

Approving ads and communications can become lengthy for brand teams, with many approvals done through emails back and forth until the artwork is on brand. With activity task management and artwork automation, users can send off an approval to brand professionals and within a couple of minutes the artwork can be approved. If the artwork needs changes, feedback and annotations can be added in real time encouraging collaboration and learning.