How to implement global brand culture, when no one knows where the brand assets live?

They want to ensure that all teams have easy access to materials, that costs are shared and therefore a higher ROI on efforts is achieved, that duplicated work is avoided and that workflow management is streamlined. With the trend of remote working on the increase along with business productivity, organisations aim to save financial value and time. Companies want to track and report brand assets usage, without giving hefty training manuals or procedures. It has to be an initiative brand experience.

There is hardly a day that goes by when a member of the finance department or a PR partner requires the latest brand templates but struggles to locate the correct version. Often these brand assets are stored in special folders, hard drives or on secure servers which is hard or impossible to access externally.

There are many organisational divisions that rely on quick access to brand assets. Below we mention some benefits.

The benefits of strategically storing Brand Assets

  • Internal divisions: Your team operates in several regions and time zones with various localised content. Having a place for centralised brand assets maintains global brand integrity
  • Partners: Partner networks can span across different territories and languages. Granting them frequent and consistent access to brand assets saves time and financials otherwise costly resource time is wasted servicing them. If there is no dependable and easy access storage how can partners fully maintain brand consistency?
  • Freelancers: Can be given access to certain appropriate parts of the Brand Centre®. They benefit from a platform which is their main source of information in order to produce correct material according to brands guidelines and requirements
  • Photographers: Having an intuitive interface and an efficient upload can ensure that brand assets reach the most remote areas fast and in the format required
  • Agencies: Working closely with agencies to build the brand requires brand assets to be a click away, in order to implement cross channel campaigns within project timelines

Consistency is crucial for brands. Locate diverse brand assets and protect the brand’s reputation. Limit any brand dilution done by 3rd party partners by overseeing and easily sharing approved brand assets.

Our Brand Centre solution helps protect the value of your brand and provides a user-friendly experience to enrich the brand culture. Brand assets are the essential pieces to the puzzle that ensures everyone maintains consistency when representing the brand.