Recognise growth opportunities for your business by understanding your brand assets

What can we constitute as a brand asset? When we unfold the layers of a brand, we come across various elements that make up a brand such as brand essence, brand values, logos, product names, music, brand character, the colour schemes, packaging styles, tone-of-voice, videos, images and more.

These elements signal to consumers what the brand stands for and warrant its uniqueness against the competition. With the ever-increasing competition between brands, companies are creating, repurposing, and designing a substantial volume of brand assets. It can then become difficult to pinpoint which brand assets generate the most engagement with your audience? Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science outlines an approach that aims to help brands answer this question with their ‘Distinctive Asset Grid’.

When evaluating brand assets, companies want to know where growth opportunities lie. The Institute has proposed this grid to help businesses analyse which brands assets are fundamental to the brand.

In our everyday life brand assets surround us and over time, a link is created between the asset and the company itself. Knowing which specific brand asset strengthens these links is invaluable.

This is why brands today are scoping out marketing technologies, brand management tools and software solutions that maintain a consistent and strong brand identity. By deploying an online Brand Asset Management system, teams can share and distribute files from anywhere, anytime, while protecting, nurturing and further building the brand.