Brand value in the technology category rose by 16% according to the 2014 BrandZ Global Top 100 report

Global brands each year look to sustain and improve brand value, whilst maintaining a positive impact on consumer attitude. After three years at the top, Apple’s run has ended as Google takes the title - the most valuable global brand in 2014. Brand value has risen overall across several categories with the highest being achieved in apparel with +29% from last year. Leading the way in consumer brand appreciation with the greatest increase is Uniqlo.

Adgistics has worked with several global brands to further enhance their brand management skills. Some of these global brands are included in the BrandZ Global Top 100.

Findings from the report show brands that span across several product categories use brand technology to differentiate within their markets. adidas, one of Adgistics founding clients, with over 15 years of a prosperous partnership between us, has grown in 47% brand value from 2013 to 2014.

Changes in spending attitudes and shopping habits support the growth of technology brands and how they are more likely to influence the mobility of consumers and also how engaging social networking has become. The BrandZ Global Top 100 infographic below outlines some of the key findings to support how brands of any size, regardless of which product category can achieve high brand value.