Why technological investment in a centralised Digital Asset Management platform profits brands

The rate that consumers are consuming digital marketing content is astonishing; it’s hard to believe that in an Internet minute approximately 639,800GB of data is transferred. This rapid rise in digital assets can create inefficiencies campaigns, difficult in measuring the performance and maintaining a consistent brand image.

Digital Asset Management platform

Trying to achieve a measurable balance between centralising your assets and enabling access and usage to local markets can be an obstacle. A Digital Asset Management Platform can overcome these issues and ensure your stakeholders can collaborative in a user-friendly software solution. Businesses that implement DAM solutions can benefit from proficiencies such as:

  • Reducing time to market
  • Reduction in marketing costs
  • Improving brand consistency

Having thousands of employees that can find digital assets, re-size them on the fly to suit local market needs will improve the performance of your digital marketing efforts. In order to give more power and flexibility to the users, technological investments are critiqued and often enough, it comes down to if the Digital Asset Management solution can incrementally generate ROI.

For global brands that want to break into new markets and emerging countries, first impressions count. Therefore managing on-brand digital assets, marketing campaigns etc. through a centralised DAM platform can help build your tone of voice and visual identity in multiple languages.

A centralised model will help maintain brand integrity and build a brand community of brand ambassadors who share the values as you do and can help define your products/services. Since businesses add richer, engaging digital assets towards their brand strategy, the Digital Asset Management solution need to enable users to collaborate on the same assets from different locations. A centralised platform enables a faster, cost-effective and keeps your branding consistent to easily manage marketing materials.